In the Life of David Bars

Stemming from the most iconic city regarding Hiphop, Bronx rapper David Bars has been bubbling heavy within the music industry. His intricate level of wordplay and rhyme style focuses more on content, rather than “catching a vibe”. The art of rap music has taken David Bars from rhyming in the project hallways, to getting an official cosign from the infamous Diggin’ In The Crates (D.I.T.C.) crew just last year.

Originally spittin’ under the alias “D Bars”, David released his first official mixtape entitled “The Wait Is Ova” in 2011. With only one feature on the project, the world got to experience the young David Bars in full effect. He went on to release visuals for his single “Position of Power” a few months later, where he was recognized for his multi-syllable schemes and clean delivery. While the passion of Hiphop was clearly running through his veins, he was still too young to have mastered the art form.

In 2012 David released his second tape called “Ambitions of a Hustler” featuring freestyles over Nas’ “NY State of Mind” and Drake’s undeniable hit, “Stay Scheming”. Still on the verge of perfecting his craft, “Ambitions of a Hustler” was another bar-fest project that displayed his lyrical ability, but dabbled with a few conceptual verses along the way. He released a video for the track “Lord Knows” which, ironically, touched on the future successes he would find himself in today.

Gaining traction amongst his fellow artists, David Bars began to reach out and connect with other emcees and entities from around NY state. While his first mixtape only featured one other rapper, in 2013 “The Wait Is Ova Vol. II” project was jam packed with hardcore lyricists from beginning to end. This was the year when David Bars started to reach his higher potential, and became relentless with networking and releasing exclusive material. In 2014, David linked up with Cypher City TV which resulted in more exposure through a reputable channel, and was featured in his first rap battle on CCTV’s “Battle on the Beat”. You be the judge, but Bars put in that work.

By 2016, David was in full beast mode- grabbing a feature on the legendary DJ Kool Kid’s “I’m So BX” mixtape. This would also be the year he landed his first collaboration with the iconic D.I.T.C. family, gaining the final verse on “Gotta Be Classic”. Being featured alongside A.G. (from Showbiz and A.G.) and OC (from Crooklyn Dodgers), David Bars was being recognized by legends and A-Alikes in the rap world. In 2017, he connected with Griselda’s own Benny the Butcher on a track called “Last of My Kind” and began collaborating even more with Showbiz and the Diggin’ In The Crates family.

“Im so nice... Competition asks me to wait. And I’m so fly, that I can show up fashionably late. Nobody fed me when I was starving, I grabbed me a plate. The hunger made me who I am, So I’m just glad to be great. I step inside the booth I turn to Superman in his cape. I got ya interest cuz this vintage got you diggin’ in crates.” -David Bars

With the D.I.T.C. cosign, a whole new world opened up and David Bars decided to use that momentum to go HAM in 2018. He released an amazing EP called “Bars Over Bullshit”, that embodied the true meaning of its title. If there is one thing that can be said, this is the epitome of what NY Hiphop is being resurrected into today. The art of the lyricist has been shunned from rap music for so long that hearing this project makes these new school rappers sound like children. There’s no bubbly overused choruses or autotune pitch changes, this was the real deal. And who else to bring that raw rap shit to life other than David Bars himself.

In the modern day scope of things, the elevation of David Bars is an undeniable truth. This is the kid who was sitting in a stairwell rhyming over a lo-fi instrumental while his homie recorded from a cell phone, to now rocking with cats that helped mold the entire Hiphop genre. What has been a constant throughout the years is the unwavering lyrical talent David possesses, and his ability to stay true to the style that is second nature to him. In 2019, he released a project exclusively produced by Showbiz entitled “Bars & Beats”, and like his first mixtape, it only features one artist- the Bronx OG, Fred the Godson.