The Many Styles of PattyeffinMayo

Model PattyeffinMayo is the mixture of pure perfection with a contemporary essence. She commands the lens with beautiful poise, and takes the art of style and grace to a new level. We are excited to share with you the mind and soul of not only an attractive being, but also, an eclectic creative.

Recently relocating from Atlanta to Houston, PattyeffinMayo gravitates towards the colorful palettes her city is known for. What’s interesting about Patty is that her personality creates an enchanting aura as she gifts us a piece of her true self with each look. She steers away from the cliche’ point-and-shoot method, and adds her own personal touch at every shoot.

“My style is basically a mood ring. You can easily tell how I'm feeling that day simply by how I’m dressed. When I'm happy it's colorful and very girly. When I'm feeling bitchy it's black with hints of green and red, and maybe a little boyish. Yup, sometimes I hit em’ with that ‘I can steal your girl’ vibe.”

Having worked with brands such as Fashion Nova, Supra, and SAVAGE X FENTY, Patty indulges in her sense of versatility and represents her clients with premium quality. Although modeling is her first love, she admits her true calling is to operate her own studio one day, and inspire others creatively by housing different opps and projects directly. Outside of fashion however, she hopes to one day show the world her passion for writing anime and manga, and perhaps, create an animated series as well.

“I'm a Scorpio, and we are so multifaceted and talented that we want to make it in everything! So I’m not sure what my true definite calling is yet, but I know I was put on this earth to do something great.”

As we all know, beauty is simply skin deep, and there is always more to a person behind the flashing lights. Diving deeper into the grit of what makes Patty whole as an individual, she expressed that she would be nothing without her family as they have been a solid foundation for her to grow. Having their blessing has been in allowing great things to happen at an artistic level.

“I feel like a lot of things can make a person feel whole. But the first thing that comes to mind would have to be my family. They respect me, love me, and support me, so without them, I would be lost.”

PattyeffinMayo represents the vibrant flow and aesthetic of the modern day model. She brings a refreshing air to the world of fashion and style. With charismatic elegance, Patty is truly destined for great things, guaranteed. Be sure to visit her instagram below and stay in tuned with what the future holds.