The Worst Love Songs Ever

IzzyNyce has always represented an immense potential of creative talent. Sharpening his sword as a song writer, Izzy has blended his hiphop strengths with an alternative sound, and created a body of work known as “The Worst Love Songs Ever”. A project that shares the truths and introspect of his artistic journey.

“I love you like my vinyl collection. Your voice is like divine imperfections.”

The opening ballad “Beautiful Music” was the perfect introduction, as it set the tone of what to expect going forward. While being well aware that the title of the EP is fake news, it still hits you with the okie-doke by bringing your expectations down, and then dropping a banger right up front. It’s the first project in a while that we didn’t want to skip the intro, and immediately knew this was going to be an amazing body of work. As the project continued to develop, so did the intrigue to hear more.

One thing to note is that the production is filled with heavy drum patterns on the low end, and plenty of guitar melodies up high. This allowed Izzy the full range to harmonize the intricate parts of the lyrics while still getting his points across. A consistent message throughout the EP speaks on the difficult choice an artist makes by choosing the dream over the dream woman- but still trying to create the perfect life where love can one day flourish.

However, until that time comes... Izzy’s just getting to the bag, PERIOD.

Izzy brings a certain level of authenticity that music-heads can relate to. We have become accustomed to the idea that ‘substance’ is in one category and ‘vibes’ is in another. But “The Worst Love Songs Ever” kept it extra funky by expressing the balance of life and art poetically, while still giving us the bop and sing-ability we enjoy. While Izzy’s style was deep and intimate, his cadence kept everything contained and powerful. It was as if he knew the exact vocal sequences needed to make you want to sing your heart out.

The melancholic residuals of an artists path to greatness- would be a more accurate title. Because “The Worst Love Songs Ever”, weren’t love songs at all... They were truth songs... So maybe the title is right, perhaps. Because what hurts worse than the truth?

Check out the full project Below.

The Worst Love Songs Ever by IzzyNyce