Vancity Loft Series : Proper Dirty

Like a bachelor party at church, Proper Dirty tends to be a collection full of heavenly sins. Originally from Tehran, Iran, designer Ashkan Alaie brings a new age approach to the world of risqué, and delivers a classic representation of original streetwear.

At a glance, it’s the oxymoronic wordage that sparks interest in the fashion connoisseur. But once you’re hooked, you begin to realize that Proper Dirty embodies a perfect balance of the two terms without being overly suggestive. While we currently live in a politically correct age, it’s always dope to experience artistry that will undoubtedly shake the world just a little.

Modeled by one of our favorite humans @Stazybaby, it was apparent that the two were a match made in heavenly sin. Stazy’s electrifying demeanor coupled with Proper Dirty’s sexual finesse, was absolute perfection. Without a doubt, PD is one of the strongest up-and-comers in the Vancouver underground scene, and continues to connect with the city in naughty ways.

It’s been said- that some of the greatest moments in time happen when artists push the boundaries of the social norm. Whether it’s twerking to the latest slaps or tagging #FreeTheNip on your favorite influencers posts, it is a necessity that we keep our edges rugged. Proper Dirty brings these truths to the forefront of fashion. While it is still a young and budding brand, we expect a lot of big things from them all year long.


Jason Siu




Proper Dirty