Vancity Street Week

To share real moments with great people is a blessing in this day and age. The creatives that belong to the Vancouver art world are some of the brightest and most open-minded people I’ve ever aligned with. Vancity Street Week was the true embodiment of a budding culture.

Me and the team headed down to Celebrities Nightclub and got right to it. We spent a lot of time backstage throughout the nights- taking photos and engaging with the creatives in their rawest form. Hair and make-up being patted and pulled, models running back and forth, and designers coordinating their sets, is always an empowering experience.

The Shugarboy brand kicked off the event, showing off a multicolored array of urban style. Shugarboy is known for a hardcore aesthetic, but I would define it more so as elegant graffiti. There’s a certain level of anarchy to the clothes that carry both an abrasive message and a careful touch.

I personally was excited to see Austin Ottone live in action. We featured him in an VSW exclusive a week before the show, and to actually see the complexity of the pieces kill across the stage was epic. From hand-crafted denim jackets, to one piece snow suits and ponchos, AO’s whole set was phenomenal.

If there’s one thing we can say about Jason Siu is his originality is an extension of his true essence. For anyone who knows him will tell you he’s one of the best in the business. His collection was full of gentle imagery and dark tones, all the way up until the ball gown entered the room...

Loyal Coalition started off as an online boutique, moved into a quaint showroom in East Van, and is now housed at a storefront in Gastown called The Basement. It’s been a minute since an original collection for LC has even been created. So to see the crowd go crazy over the new designs and collaborations just goes to show, you still got it Heather!

The big homie Posh was in damn near every show! Bigs ups to the community for embracing the purest bloke you’ll ever meet. All he did each night was bring an immense amount of energy and gave each look its due justice. It was dope to see him jumping around and getting everyone amped. All I ask is that you put a shirt on once in a while my g!

And by far our most favorite of all favorites of the night. Cathy from Not It Co put on one of the most stunning performances of the year. No joking. Everything was linear and cohesive from one piece to the next, and was a perfect match between model and look. To top it off, this was Not It Co’s first runway show ever. So kudos to you Cathy. There is something special in what you do, and I hope you embrace it.

Last but definitely not least, the biggest shout out to Founders Krystal and Skylar, as well as Creative Director Jason Pillay. All of this couldn’t be possible if you didn’t facilitate a platform for Vancouver to shine on. It was also dope seeing Aethyrs Edge and Future Gender make their debuts. Y'all are the representation and implementation of the arts... I like that.

-Marvin Ryles


Jason Siu / Tyler Scomazzon


Mikky Filmz