Vancouver Creative Series: JB Gear

Today we present to you a fan favorite amongst Vancity natives. A brand that represents the true nature of the underground scene, and carries a creative aesthetic like no other. Julian Bontorin of JB Gear prides himself on never being boxed in by the fashion quo, and uses his artistic niche to intrigue an array of fashion forward individuals.

Founded in 2015, JB Gear has been on a constant incline with both design appeal and connectivity to the urban culture. The first time we experienced JB Gear was at the last Vancity Street event, where rappers and dancers took to the runway rocking the casual pieces of JB's previous collection. This time around JB Gear switched its focus from a streetwear aesthetic to a hand-sewn lingerie series based around the female anatomy.

Sent from the heavens to be with us for the shoot, model Raquelle Baker added an undeniable level of divinity to the pieces. Her elegant physique displayed the true artistry of JB's designs and was the perfect combination of beauty and spice. Her presence wasn't riddled with the click-bait teasers of prude sexuality, which allowed us to capture a truly talented model portraying herself in the purest form.

When an artist explores the mysterious depths of their creativity, the power behind their focus can be massive. As JB Gear continues to push forward in its endeavors, time and time again, it has proven to be one of the elite fashion phenoms in Vancity culture. There is always something new; Something inspiring; Something adventurous embedded in the process and overall delivery of the brands design. If one thing is certain, you will never know what tricks Julian has up his sleeve, but I can guarantee you, it's always something worth paying close attention to...