Vancouver Creative Series: Komfy Kozy

Sometimes quality and perfection are so closely related that it's hard to tell them apart. The magic that Komfy Kozy Collect brings to the world attracts with simple form, but complements the natural aesthetics of female beauty. Branded with the slogan "Design Yourself", KK has created its own vibe amongst the flooded shores of the fashion world, and takes a unique approach at blending concept and design.

Founder and Designer Treymont Levy creates wearable fashion that catches the eye. The KK brand is literally created to define the style of Vancouver, as it all began by picking the brains of women around the city, and curating pieces that matched their desires. Having the ability to transform each garment into a variety of looks works wonders for the brand. So when you couple in the fact that KK shines brilliantly by its own merit- that’s just the cherry on top.

"The city of Vancouver will always affect our creative niche. Vancouver is home to many diverse, unique, and talented women. So when we began selling our products, we surveyed as many ladies as we could, and used that information when deciding what to push. Our slogan #designyourself is exactly that!" -Trey of KK

Accompanied by two amazing models Danijela Pearson and Alora Jones (who absolutely killed it on a hot sunny day), we truly got to experience the essence of Komfy Kozy. There is something special to seeing gear come to life on beautiful humans, and watching as it mends and blends to a comfortable quo. There is a unique balance of polished and sexy that KK carries within its seams that offers a contemporary feel to classic creations.

"Personally, my favourite pieces are the biker sets. Those wearing it look bad ass and remind me of Kim possible haha. They can also dress them up in a multitude of different ways. They are snug fitting but have a perfect amount of stretch, and I admire those who are able to confidently express their bodies in our gear." -Trey of KK

"Our ultimate goal is to be able to improve the quality of sleep in underdeveloped nations. When kids have no bed to sleep on it results in premature, fatigued, and weak children. KK stands for the opposite. KK stands for growth and control over oneself. I hope to get my brand big enough to bring change to their lives." - Trey of KK 

Big shout out to Komfy Kozy Collect for always dropping something special for the ladies, and attempting to spread mind and body positivity to the world. We are glad to have connected with such an inspiring and enlightening brand. As the company continues to grow, so will its creative edges, and we’re certain the future will bring another adventure towards success for KK.

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