Vancouver Creative Series : Not It Co.

As the season begins to change and Summer has finally come to an end, we are excited to release our first exclusive of Fall. Today we are featuring the intimate works of an upcoming brand, whose momentum will continue on to the Vancity Street stage at the end of this month.

Cathy Do, designer of “Not It Co”, has established an elite network throughout her short tenure in the Vancouver scene. While the majority of her work is based around vibrant textures for women, she enjoys dabbling with creative concepts for menswear as well. With an array of reflective gear and airy white linens, Not It brings a unique form of comfort and class to the industry.

Depth and Transparency is a suitable name for the shoot. Worn by models Denys Kovtunenko and Danijela Pearson, the pieces were a perfect combination of loose and form-fitting detail. Even with Denys’ wardrobe, there was a certain level of sexy attached that didn’t violate his masculinity or pervert the shoot with clad imagery. Instead, the jumpsuit enhanced his already dapper presence and was cohesive to Danijela’s elegance as well.

The true essence of the Not It Co brand stems from Cathy’s ability to create charismatic pieces, rather than classic statement ones. The brands vibe is of contemporary wonder and full of eye catching designs that force the question “who and where did you get that from?” It’ll be interesting to see what Cathy comes up with for her debut at Vancity Street this month. As for the rest of the year, I guess we’ll have to see.