Vancouver Creative Series: The Basement

Vancity is an oasis of creative talent that dwells in the heart of British Columbia. Amongst the spectacular views and jaw-dropping architecture, it is also home to artistic individuals in pursuit of their dreams. Today we bring you a clean mixture of some of the brands and models the city has to offer; along with a proper introduction to our exclusive Vancouver Creative Series.

The renowned local shop known as The Basement has always been a hub for creatives to display and sell their art. Having worked with Heather (owner) a bunch in the past, it was dope to see her incorporating a variety of lines into the shop, and still holding it down for the grinders. All in all, we ended up with five brands on three eclectic souls, and captured the gift as they mobbed around the city.

Models Victoria, Posh, and Clio took to the streets dipped in an array of summertime vibes. Everything from the styling to the weather was perfect, and you can almost feel the energy come to life between the shutter clicks. With Victoria and Clio previously making appearances on the Vancouver Fashion Week runway, and Posh becoming a staple in the underground scene, it was apparent that each of them were set on creating something remarkable.

Dressed in Fairplay, Kash Kulture, and Young Muse, each look created cinematic captures for the world to see. Tints of yellow and orange blended well with their neutral counterparts, and paved a way for each design to flourish on its own. Coupled with accessories from Jenny Bird (choker) and Laval (fanny pack), the crew allowed their essence to complete each piece perfectly. While it is never an easy task to create magic in front of the lens, it becomes slightly more comfortable knowing that the gear can hold it's weight in gold.

Without a doubt, the creative culture within Vancity is alive and well. It was dope to experience a branded style that carried an authentic BC touch. To be able to cultivate even a fragment of that beauty on our platform, is an honor within itself. Although this is just the beginning, I can damn near guarantee that what is next to come will be equally as special for not only us, but Vancouver as a whole.

Much love to The Basement, the models, and the brands for being a part of the Vancouver Creative Series. Vancity has always been The FAM's second home, and we are grateful to continuously be welcomed with open arms. To create, inspire, and repeat has always been the purpose of true artists. And truth be told, we can not wait to connect with the vast amount of talent the city has to offer...

The Basement