Vancouver Creative Series: Sans Parole

Luxury streetwear brands will exist forever. The greats have mastered the art of subtlety, and refrain from using dramatic expression or symbolism to define their designs.

Sans Parole carries an urban vibe that complements a unique level of sophistication. The dark and earthy tones of their latest drop was timed perfectly for the seasonal shift, and brings about a clean display of textural simplicity.

The hoodie with the coat combo is at the epicenter of our generation. Sans Parole adopts these pieces into their collection, but flips it with an original hand-crafted pocket vest that we've never encountered before. To enhance the traditional elements of fashion is always the goal for most designers. So when experiencing Sans Parole's creative take on outerwear, it was a dope to see the progression of such classic pieces.

They say fashion comes and goes in various cycles, but the greatest brands never have to make a comeback. There's a top tier component to Sans Parole's work that amplifies the streetwear aesthetic. They are living proof that style and design are as equally intimate as they are exclusive of each other. But no matter how you look at it, quality, will forever be the reigning champion.