Ization Studio 

The suffix “-ization” defines the act or process of doing or making something. Staying true to that premise, the Vancity-based brand known as Ization Studio designs a contemporary cut of classic Streetwear. From Vancouver Fashion Week to the streets of BC, Ization comes to life through a few simple clicks of the shutter.

Ization prides itself on the morals of individuality. It represents diversity and staying true to the mechanisms that essentially make us who we are. That purpose resonates heavily throughout their latest collection, as it is a mix of both forgiving casual wear and eclectic statement pieces.

While VFW has been a staple in Ization‘s journey, 2020 seems to be a bit more season-less for the brands future releases. Once the new year hits, every month will incorporate a mini-collection with limited pieces that consistently evolve in its overall aesthetic. When we asked Ization Founder and Designer Amy Herndon about her upcoming designs she stated,

“I’m looking to keep things interesting and stray away from the traditional runway shows. Definitely want to focus more on pop-ups in order for people to feel and sample our clothing instead of just see it. We will also be showcasing a new concept collection in the spring as well!”

Draped in Ization gear, models Alessandra and Franklyn caught the steeze perfectly in our secret BC location. The dynamic between them meshed well with Ization‘s core message, and brought about the true focal points the brand stands for. To embrace only our similarities is an unfeasible approach to life. But when we align ourselves with genuine motives, we can learn to accept each other’s differences at a higher vibration.