Vancouver Creative Series

Ash Farr and Dipt Vancity

Vancouver, BC is home to an array of creative minds and talents. The prevailing culture within the city is a melting pot of artistic ideas and concepts. While Vancity is full of visionaries, it is also a young and budding scene that has yet to release its unlimited potential. But don't ever sleep on Vancouver... EVER.

For the 8th editorial in our Vancouver Creative Series we are featuring a roster of heavy hitters. Getting its start in 2000, the Dipt Kicks store has earned itself the title of "The Longest Running Streetwear Boutique" in Vancity. So it was only right that a muse with a magnificent soul aka Ash Farr be dripped in Dipt.

We have been saying for years that once Vancouver finds its identity amongst the creative capitals of the world, the city will be a force to be reckoned with. Housed within the Dipt catalog, the Vancity Original brand seems to hold the torch when it comes to authentically representing the city, and it is our job as creatives to push the trendsetters to the upper echelons of the industry. It's always a pleasure connecting with the core players in Vancouver's Fashion and Art scene and doing our part to give them their flowers now is an essential part of the journey.

Amongst the incredible creatures that roam around Vancouver, Ash Farr has solidified herself as one of the most vibrant beings in the entire city. The fact that Ash is naturally gifted and grounded has allowed her the pleasure of creating magic with different circles. The synchronicity between Ash and Dipt is a powerful force because they resonate at such a high frequency independently. The mysterious beauty of Ash Farr and the foundational elements of Dipt's catalog is a diversified match made in heaven.