Vancouver Creative Series

Vitae Apparel

In 2016, a phenomenon was born. A brand that within its first year had already reached the outer limits of success. Known for its high quality aesthetic and body positive message, Vitae Apparel attracts some of the most lively and eclectic ladies from all across North America.

Founded by Selene Dior in Vancouver, BC, Vitae Apparel creates exquisite swimwear that complements every woman’s physique. Besides designing sensational pieces, VA also represents a community of girls that connect with the brands core purpose. Ambassadors of the brand aka #Aquababes can be seen far and wide across social media, so it’s understandable how the immense growth of such a young company has come to be.

Model Mikaela Cooney is a great representation of Vitae’s relatable vibe. She is an absolute doll that walks amongst us and portrays the intimate foundation Vitae prides itself on. The accessories Mikaela is wearing brought a metallic shine that added an extra layer of luxury to the 2-piece ensembles. If you ask me, royalty should always be seen from a mile away.

The array of styles that Vitae Apparel produces enlightens the wearer with confidence and prestige. No matter the skin or body type, there is always something special for everyone inside Vitae’s online boutique. They are a one-stop-shop for all things summer, and continue to be the leading brand for those hot days throughout our favorite season.

The quality of any brand is gauged not only by the sophistication of their designs, but also the communities they curate and represent. Vitae Apparel has proven itself to be more than just a clothing company. In fact, their ability to connect with their audience in a genuine way is the foremost important factor to their rapid success. Vitae's founder Selene is a true inspiration for anyone looking to take their artistry to the next level, and you can be sure that anytime Vitae Apparel is mentioned, the conversation will always be rooted in positivity.