Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2021

For 20 years and counting, Vancouver Fashion Week has laid the foundation for international reverence in Vancity. Although Covid continues to challenge social gatherings across the globe, it was humbling to see VFW using their creative essence to make changes to the experience. By pivoting onto a digital medium, the entire feel of the show was completely different, but the energy, presentation, and overall professionalism was as topnotch as topnotch can be.

Here is a look at 5 of our favorite designers from the F/W season of Vancouver Fashion Week!


Blue Tamburin is designed in Korea by Bomin Kim, who is no stranger in the world of Fashion Week. Having displayed her collections in Seoul, Vancouver, and New York Fashion Week, Bomin's contemporary twist on eclectic patterning and chic fabrication is a staple in the Blue Tamburin aesthetic. With the tag line "Against Every Discrimination", it is hard to not be drawn to such a philanthropic statement, especially when it is coupled with an amazing eye for sartorial detail.


We are always glad to see our fellow Americans showcasing their artistry on the VFW platform. Le Cour is a cut above the rest with immaculate constructions of handmade garments, and a one-of-a-kind love for the art. Everything from the geometric cuts and curves to the aquatic foundation their newest collection is based around, Le Cour is, without a doubt, in a class of their own. Between deep diving and hand-drawn ensembles, the only thing we are wondering is 'how do those damn things stay on the whole time?!?!'

La Femme Roje

By far one of the most engrained brands in Vancouver culture is none other than La Femme Roje. Culturally sound, entrancingly intricate, and forever phenomenal, La Femme Roje is the epitome of what Vancouver's Luxury Fashion scene is all about. In a world where fitting in is the norm, La Femme always has a way of displaying their collections in a unique and stylish way. Iranian Designer Rojan Hooshyar put an immense amount of effort into every piece, and the fruit of her labor are always captivating the audience regardless of an in-person experience or through digital presentation.


With a wide variety of handmade bags and high luxury womenswear, the Bolivian brand known as Narda is a contemporary look into the upper echelons of Fashion. Designed by Narda G. Paredes Romeros, each piece is both unique in its textural complexity but simple in its overall nature. Narda is a grand presentation of divine femininity and accentuates what it means to be stylish beyond belief. Their pieces are easily paired for the a night out on the town or a late morning brunch for poached eggs and mimosas!


To be honest, we would really love to see Cédelar and Narda collaborate with each other, as that would be a pure explosion of fabulous. Based out of France, Cédelar is a renowned phenom of fanciness and a pure rendition of French elegance. With a wide variety of captivating pieces, their newest collection is both wearable and classy in the same breath. There is a certain attraction that gravitates around the well-constructed garments that should be appreciated and respected, as Cédelar has traveled over mountains to become the cultural pillar we now know it to be...

For 36 Seasons Vancouver Fashion Week has blessed Local and International Designers with the opportunity to showcase their work on the main stage. And once the Covid Restrictions are lifted, it will be a great feeling to actually showcase their work on the runway as well...