The FAM Favorites From Fashion Week

For my 7th season as a Media Partner for Vancouver Fashion Week, I was excited to see the new budding talent of a forever growing industry. Accompanied by my good friend and colleague Chau Le of CLE Management, the entire display of creative arts was another great experience within the land of Vancity. While each brand deserves a kudos for conjuring up the strength, preparation, and devotion it takes to display their designs on the runway, I have compiled a list of 14 designers that captured my eye aesthetically, artistically, and with wearability.

#14 "Yonfa"

Designed by Kim Yonghwa from Japan, the brand known as “Yonfa” is a great compilation of contemporary style. To cultivate a simple form into the core of a design process is not as easy of a task as it seems. Yonfa has tackled that niche with an innate styling ability, and includes a variety of pieces that add value to a woman’s current wardrobe.

#13 "Future Perfect"

Designer Lisa Mcanulty of Future Perfect incorporates an elaborate combination of New York and Los Angeles influence into her designs. While utilizing prints of her logo in some of her designs, Future Perfect is put together with a great layering technique that allows each individual piece to play its rightful role. Semi-transparent mesh was key in providing an attractive balance to the more opaque textures of the clothing, and allowed the style of the pieces to shine by their own merit.

#12 ization studio

Ization Studio created by Designer Amy Herndon is an experimental line with urban incentives. All Black Everything was the premise of this 2019 collection. Every piece was loose fitting and embodied a true casual perspective that stood out amongst an array of topnotch designs. Ization’s garments were timeless in their appearance and keen with their own form of creativity.

#11 "Authentique"

Designed by Nada Marzouk, Authentique dabbled with pristine cuts and interesting color palettes. The dresses and jackets carried an astounding professional feel but granted a certain level of sexy within every look. The risque-length pieces were both wearable and decadent but doesn't force itself into your closet. Every piece is completely under your control and is flexible pertaining to your own personal style.

#10 "Ocean Taylor"

The self-titled brand known as Ocean Taylor has propelled itself to the forefront of Fashion Week wearability. There was an eclectic range between daring and simplicity that made the clothing an excellent choice for those of the same nature. The Ocean Taylor collection was a stylish warmth of mixed fabrics, giving it the perfect juxtaposition for the fashion forward individual.

#9 "Chen Pin-Yu"

The story behind Chen Pin-Yu’s “Decent Piece of Shit” collection is one for the ages. Apparently, Chen’s ex-boyfriend was found out to be a cheater, and she redirected that negative energy to construct these abstract pieces. You can see a disfigured portrait of her ex’s face painted into the back of a boastful red trench coat with unflattering teeth and boobies planted all over his face. With all that aside, her designs were artistic in nature but carried a few pieces that can be worn in the natural sense. Chen Pin-Yu executed not only a great collection but also used the fashion guillotine to execute her cheating boyfriend right in front of our eyes.

#8 "Sunny's Bridal"

Founded by Sunny Sethi, Sunny’s Bridal has been a staple in Vancouver’s wedding sect for a while now. The Indian culture has always been renowned for their intricate colors and textiles, and Sunny’s Bridal is the extension of such truths. The wedding dresses they create are designed to make a woman feel divine on her special day, and are sewn to fit the needs of her particular body type. Even outside of the colorful spectrum, Sunny’s traditional white wedding gowns are designed with a grand amount of detail, but remains steady with its intended beautification purpose.

#7 "Blara Organic House"

Blara Organic House designs their collections with an environmentally sound ideology. Their fabrics are organically grown and colored with natural plant dyes in order to save the skin from toxic materials. Focused on the bodies of the youth, their designs were drenched in baby blue and carnation pink, but resonated a very hiphop-esque feel with baggy arms and oversized pockets. Overall, the entire collection was gentle on the eyes and could easily be dressed up or down for a completely diverse experience.

#6 "Bedlam H.O.C."

Bedlam H.O.C. prides itself as a luxury streetwear brand made for both men and women. Their “Gasoline” collection was doused in metallic fabrics and nylons, tailored with strict hems, and created a 1950’s feel to the majority of their garments. Touches of orange and yellow blended perfectly alongside monochromatic finishes, and gave birth to a well-proportioned display of street-style artistry.

#5 "Studio Jason Siu"

Another fan favorite in the Vancity fashion culture was the honorable Jason Siu. His collection this season mingled with a fabulous shade of green that looked awesome inside the runway lights. He explored the vast amount of possibilities of fashion with this collection- giving the crowd a little taste of every style you can imagine. With an out-of-the-box display of mens wear, Jason Siu has done nothing but elevate his game every season for the VFW audience.