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YOU.N.G by J.1.Da

The emcee and Monclair, NJ native J.1.Da is known for his intellectual lyricism and unmistakable cadence. It was an honor to review his latest, and one of his most incredible projects thusfar entitled, YOU.N.G. If you’re looking for every pillar of great music to be revealed right in front of your ears, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

From the first track to the last, YOU.N.G is a metaphorical journey through the sands of self-reflection. It embodies critical moments in J.1.Da’s life and conveys his innermost thoughts to the world. While there is a touch of sadness to some of J’s truths, the best Hiphop comes from a vulnerable place, so it was no surprise that YOU.N.G had such a strong presence from start to finish.

J.1.Da is renowned for his smooth delivery and layered lyricism; always intimate in nature but versatile in structure. Some of the best moments within the YOU.N.G album will come to the listener once they get the headnod out of their system and actually process the depth of J’s bars. This was definitely a body of work we had to play front-to-back a few times to catch those deep gems and appreciate J's upholding of the Hiphop art form.

YOU.N.G is a complete album that has every element needed to be considered a great piece of music, period. It wasn’t just a bunch of random tracks smashed together with all the hits up front, and all the booty-ass tracks in the back. It was a consistently intellectual monologue from song to song that asked you to comprehend the verses and not just bop your head. Add in the fact that certified names like Blaze, the Rebel and pineappleCITI added some gas to the fire, and you got a few more reasons to make the stank face.

If you know J.1.Da then you know there is never a dull moment in his catalogue. And if you don’t know, well, sorry that you’ve missed out for so long. Cheers to another great project from another incredible artist.

YOU.N.G by J.1.Da


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